Sell Your Policy For Cash

Why sell my policy?

Did you know that your life insurance policy is an asset that you can trade and sell like a home or a bond? You are not locked in like you think you might be. We find that seniors who are in need of immediate cash flow are tired. Tired of suffering for another’s gain. Tired of expensive medical bills. And tired of being blindsided by premium requirements that dramatically exceed what they expected to pay.

If you’re interested in getting cash immediately, just contact us and ask about cashing in life insurance. When properly employed, a life settlement offers an opportunity for you to benefit from an insurance policy that has outlived its usefulness. Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to make monthly payments on your premium. Perhaps your policy is not performing to your expectations. Or you might want to sell your life insurance policy if you simply changed your mind.

Why get a life settlement?

Many policyholders know they can cash out of a term life insurance policy, but many aren’t sure what the benefits are. Policyholders who wish to sell their policy to a life settlement broker are liquefying an asset. Holders will make more from their policy than surrendering it over to their life insurance policy and obtaining a lump sum known as the cash surrender value of a life settlement.

Individuals can improve the quality of their lives surrendering life insurance policies for cash. They do not have to worry about paying monthly premiums or the possibility of lapsing on their insurance payments. Oftentimes, a lapse can lead to a loss of coverage in insurance, thereby rendering the policy null and void. Brokers, like Life Settlements Inc., liberate their clients from having to pay monthly premiums. In exchange, the brokers and policy buyers receive the face value of life insurance policies.

How we can help

We find that most seniors become so exasperated by their monthly insurance payments – and having to deal with rude insurance companies – that policies are being abandoned without first being checked if they can be sold for additional value.

If you are over 65 or suffering from a serious illness and need money today, don’t hesitate to call and learn more about why you should sell life your life insurance. We will provide a free no-obligation informative offer. We work with the most reputable licensed companies in the industry. We represent you, and seek to give you the highest return when you’re cashing in life insurance.

Let us help you get the most from your Policy.

Your life insurance policy is your own personal property and it can be sold. Don’t be bound to a contract that isn’t serving your needs anymore.

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