Life Insurance Policy Owners

What is a Life Insurance Policy?

Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients sell their life insurance policies. We are a professional life settlement broker with strong ties to a vast network of potential life settlement buyers. We pride ourselves in securing the highest cash value of life insurance possible as part of our fiduciary duty. We offer a free, non-binding appraisal for all of our prospective clients looking to find the cash surrender value of life insurance. Submit a qualification form for life settlements or call us today to find out How Life Insurance Settlements work!

What is a life settlement?

A Life Settlement is the sale of a universal, term, or whole life insurance policy in exchange for a cash settlement that is greater than the policy’s cash surrender value—even if none exists! This innovative wealth and estate planning tool removes the financial burden of life insurance premium payments in addition to providing the lump sum cash settlement. There are plenty of benefits of selling your life insurance policy which we are happy to help discuss!

Life Insurance Settlement Options

Life Settlements present a unique opportunity to extract the maximum value of your life insurance policy, allowing you to use those funds for whatever your financial needs may be. This transaction, known as selling your life insurance policy for cash, is often seen as converting a future asset into a current resource. This new financial resource can be used at your discretion!

Life Insurance Settlements Inc is a trusted professional broker that represents you. Our job is to uncomplicate the process while navigating you through the process when you decide to start cashing in your life insurance policy. Life Insurance Settlements Inc. has a fiduciary duty to the policy owner. We have a team of professional life settlement negotiators that will secure for you the highest market offer, as well as educate you on your life insurance settlement options. We provide help with selling life insurance policies as a service at NO COST or OBLIGATION to you.

Find the Cash Value of your Life Insurance Policy

Our experienced team has the ability to make the funding sources compete, ensuring our clients the highest possible cash value for their life settlement.