Life Settlement Case Studies

Helping people get the most out of their life insurance settlement

Life Insurance Settlements, INC. has been helping elderly people find financial freedom through Life Settlement Investments for years. Whether you want to travel the world with your love without financial constraint, or if you are terminally ill and need financial assistance, our Experienced Life Settlements Brokers can help.  Our goal is to help find the highest cash surrender value of life insurance.

Life Settlement Case Studies

In each case example below the referring agent was paid a commission upon completion of the life settlement investment. Each policyholder was provided free guidance and assistance through their life settlement process.

$525,000 Lincoln Life – Universal Life Insurance Policy

This 74 year old man was in relatively good health when he applied with LIS. He could no longer afford his coverage and used whatever cash he had in the policy to keep the policy in force. He was simply going to let his policy lapse and receive absolutely nothing from the life insurance carrier. LIS was able to get our client a life settlement of $45,000.

$2,000,000 Prudential – Convertible Term Insurance Policy

This 59 year old woman had a convertible term policy and was battling lung cancer. She made the financial decision that converting her policy and paying expensive premiums was not what she wanted to do at this stage in her life. She needed money to pay for quality healthcare and to be able to have the opportunity to enjoy her limited time with her beloved family.   LIS was able to get our client a life settlement of $1,390,000

$300,000 ING – Universal Life Insurance Policy

This ​​88 year old man could no longer afford his $22,000 annual premiums. He was weeks away from lapsing on the policy simply because he could no longer justify the premium payments.  He would have received nothing from the insurance company. LIS was able to get our client a life settlement of $35,000.

$2,000,000 Pacific Life - Survivorship Policy

This 88 year old male and 87 year old female could no longer afford insurance coverage that was no longer needed.  Their plan was to surrender the policy for a small cash amount. LIS was able to secure them a settlement 3 times more than their surrender amount. LIS was able to get our clients a life settlement of $240,000.

$2,000,000 Voya - Universal Life Insurance Policy

This 75-year-old male had tried to sell his policy to two other settlement brokers, without success. After doing a little more research, he came across LIS on the internet. LIS was able to obtain an acceptable offer for his policy, completing the transaction before he had to pay any more premiums. LIS was able to get our client a life settlement of $238,543.

Looking for the Best Life Settlement Company?

Our life settlement company has a full team life settlement brokers with the sole purpose of maximizing the cash surrender value of life insurance policies. We have the ability to make the funding sources compete, and to work with Universal Life Settlements, Convertible Term Life Insurance Settlements, and Viatical Settlements.