If you are over 65 or living with a serious illness a life settlement may be a welcome financial alternative for you. A life settlement gives you a lump sum payment and frees you from the obligation of paying life insurance premiums.

Policy amounts and payouts differ, making it impossible to set a standard amount. However Life Insurance Settlements Inc represents you in this transaction to ensure that you receive the highest possible settlement.

Absolutely. Our privacy policy ensures that your identity is never revealed to anyone without your consent.

Funds are released from escrow within 72 hours of the buyer’s receipt of confirmation of change of ownership and beneficiary rights from the insurance company.

Life insurance policies are purchased by licensed life insurance provider companies who are interested in buying a variety of assets to balance their investment portfolios.

Anyone over age 65 or who is living with a serious illness that no longer needs their life insurance policy.

Universal Life, Whole Life, Term and Convertible Term Life policies issued by U.S.-based insurance companies. Joint and second-to-die policies are eligible as well.

Generally, a policy with a face value of $50,000 or higher may qualify.

No, once the policy is sold, you have no future premium obligations whatsoever.

Some life settlement offers allow you to maintain a portion of the insurance coverage. Please call LIS to discuss this option.

Can I sell my life insurance policy on my own?
This can be a costly decision. Generally speaking, the surrender amount is a fraction of what we can sell it for in a life settlement.
Generally yes… However some life settlement and viatical settlement transactions are considered tax exempt as detailed in the Heathcare Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. You will need to seek advice from your CPA and or tax professional to see if you qualify for this status.
Yes, terminally ill individuals are typically well-qualified for life settlements (also known as “viatical settlements”). We have been very successful in obtaining outstanding results for individuals living with terminal illnesses.
Unlike other financial options for seniors, there are no restrictions on how the proceeds from a life settlement can be used.
There are no out of pocket costs when we work with you and you have no obligation to sell your policy or to accept any offer. A third party escrow company is used in every transaction and we work with only the most reputable licensed companies in the industry.
In most states you have 15 days (in some states up to the 30 days) after receipt of the money from the buyer to change your mind.
Yes. According to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling stretching back almost a century, a life insurance policy is considered your personal property. You can sell it, trade it, or give it away. Your insurance company generally has no right to block or question your assignment of policy rights.

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