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As a leading professional life insurance settlement brokerage, we’ve had the opportunity to successfully assist thousands of clients sell their life insurance policies for a profitable cash settlement. Life settlements allow you to gain full access to your investment, allowing you to plan for your family’s future, pay off any accumulated debt, and provide you with a financially fruitful retirement.

For Policy Owners

At Life Insurance Settlements Inc., we strive to liberate our clients from the financial burden that is caused by high-premium life insurance policies–especially when their life insurance coverage no longer meets their specific monetary needs. We have helped thousands of clients sell their life insurance policies for cash. Our fiduciary duty is to secure the highest market offer possible. We offer a free non-binding appraisal for all of our clients so they can find the max cash value of life insurance policies.

For Advisors

Life Insurance Settlements Inc. partners with life agents, financial planners and estate planners across the country. Our marketing team provides the support and education that is needed for you to maximize every life insurance settlement opportunity. Our staff of professional brokers will show you how to recognize potential life settlements through your existing clients’ policies. We will also provide you with the tools to market for new life settlements nationwide. Not only will you know how calculating cash value of life insurance settlements work, you’ll have the full support of a professional life settlement company.

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Useful Articles

How Advisors Can Safely Leverage Life Settlements to Help their Clients

In the past, advisors have been hesitant to recommend life settlement options for a variety of reasons, but times have changed! The settlement market has developed and improved over the years to sustain profitability. Heavy regulations have also been implemented for a more trustworthy and reliable market. It is a form of buying and selling […]

Coping With the Impacts of COVID-19 on Life Insurance with Life Settlements

COVID-19 has caused a whirlwind of effects on people’s lives in a magnitude of ways. Life insurance is no exception. Various changes to life insurance policies are necessary to cope with the financial strain that people are facing worldwide. You should be aware of some adjustments that the life insurance industry is making and what […]

The Best Life Settlement Practices To Protect Clients

Financial professionals who are frequently advising their senior population will often consider exploring a life insurance settlement. It is in the best interest to discuss and weigh the option of a life insurance settlement for both the advisor and the client.

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