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Life Settlement Cash Values may vary based on qualifications. Fill out the form below to see if you qualify for a life insurance settlement and calculate how much your life settlement is worth.

Life Settlement Qualifications

If your personal and financial situation has changed and you find that your life insurance policy is no longer equipped to benefit you, wouldn’t it be nice to be free from the burden of paying the high premiums associated with the policy? At Life Insurance Settlements Inc, we represent you. Our team of industry experts will simplify the process for you and secure the highest possible offer for your life insurance policy. We can help you sell term life insurance online or in person. Ready to get started? Get your free life settlement quote today. Your free, non-binding appraisal is right around the corner. Find out if you qualify for a life settlement with Life Insurance Settlements Inc.

Over the years, the personal and financial circumstances of many elderly Americans can drastically change. This can be expected as our needs and priorities change as we grow older. However, what most individuals don’t account for is how their newly adapted financial circumstances affect their life insurance policy. For many individuals, the reason for investing in a life insurance policy all those years ago may no longer apply to their current situation–leaving them to pay for the premiums that no longer suit their needs. This is why discovering the actual value of their life insurance policy is vital for elderly people.

At Life Insurance Settlements Inc, we have the perfect solution for you. Instead of throwing your money away on a useless life insurance policy, our team of professionals can help you obtain a generous lump sum payment in return for selling your life insurance policy. Selling term life insurance online is easy when working with expert life settlement brokers like Life Insurance Settlements Inc. By submitting your information above, you’ll discover your life insurance cash value if you choose to cash out life insurance. Our life settlement experts will help determine the cash surrender value of your life insurance policy as soon as you are ready.

The qualifications for a life settlement varies as there are many factors that determine one’s eligibility for a life settlement. Confirming each detail with one of our dedicated life settlement brokers with guarantee the maximum cash value of your life insurance policy. Below are the most important aspects that can indicate if you are an excellent candidate for a life settlement:

This size of your life insurance policy plays a very important role in its eligibility for a life settlement. Anything that’s less than $100,000 is unlikely to attract life insurance policy buyers from investing. In reality, the higher your life insurance policy’s value, the more qualified you are to cash out of your life insurance. The type of life insurance policy is also important when determining the whole life insurance cash value. For example, universal life policies and cashing out term life insurance policies are the most commonly purchased life settlements. Typically, premium financed policies don’t normally qualify for life settlements since they have additional investment risk to the life settlement company.

To qualify for a life settlement, most candidates must be at least 65 years of age. However, the age requirement for a life settlement have circumstances that would allow you to qualify for a life settlement in you is under this age requirement. If you are under 65 and are terminally ill with a two-year life expectancy, a viatical settlement would be the best option for you. Viatical settlements are beneficial for those who want to avoid taking a loan out to pay medical bills. Instead, they can use a life settlement to cover medical expenses without going into debt.

To be considered for a life settlement in exchange for your life insurance policy, the policy must be owned for a certain number of years. Depending on the state in which you reside in, this number of years you must have a life insurance policy to qualify for a life settlement varies. This rule in policy ownership is to prevent individuals from taking out a life insurance policy for the sole purpose of reselling it. Please note, life settlement exceptions can be made in light of divorce, retirement, death of a spouse, etc. These expectations are also dependent on the state you live in. Life Settlement Applications by state are available on our website as well as free guidance from our expert life settlement brokers.

What is my Life Insurance Policy Worth?

Our experienced life settlement brokers have the ability to make the funding sources compete to buy your life insurance policy, ensuring our clients the highest cash value for their life settlement.