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Since 1993, Life Insurance Settlements, Inc (LIS) has built an exemplary reputation as the leader in the secondary life insurance market. Our firm is one of the largest in the industry, comprised of an experienced senior management team dedicated to providing the tools, support and education necessary for financial and insurance professionals seeking life settlement solutions for their senior clients.

Our accomplished team of experts is among the most experienced brokers in the industry, with extensive knowledge of life settlements. As pioneers with a trustworthy reputation, we have built solid partnerships with a large number of funding entities to assist you in providing your client one of the largest market values for his or her life insurance policy. LIS understands the life insurance and financial planning industries and how their needs and expectations apply to our core competency – life settlements. Through this formula we empower clients and support them in building a significant profit center without altering their established business plan. We are committed to negotiating the highest senior life settlement offer on behalf of you and your client.

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