Sharing a video can be a great way to show clients what selling a policy might mean.

By Robin S. Weinberger and Peter N. Katz | March 20, 2018, at 06:50 PM

Life insurance producers are keenly aware of the unique value of the product they sell. Life insurance is not just another financial product, but a significant one that can really make a meaningful difference and bring living benefits for people.

To surviving family members, it can be the asset that allows them to remain in the world they’ve been living in. To surviving business associates, it can be the asset that allows the business and their livelihood to continue. What these examples have in common is the value of a life insurance policy upon the death of a loved one or business associate.

Sometimes, however, waiting until the death of the insured is not the answer to the policy owner’s needs. When a most pressing financial problem arises while the insured is alive, a solution could be a life settlement.

A testimonial video, produced by the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA), features a case involving Robin Weinberger. In less than 4 minutes, it demonstrates how the living benefits of a life settlement can provide much-needed funds for expenses related to a severe chronic illness.

The video can be viewed on the LISA website.

As the client says, the need or desire for a living benefit outweighed the need for a death benefit. This situation clearly demonstrates that life settlements can add even more value to life insurance, and already a uniquely valuable product.

Although many policies have accelerated death benefit riders, these riders are quite limited in how and when they can be used. Typically, accelerated death benefit riders require the insured to have a life expectancy of fewer than two years. A life settlement may be available when an accelerated death benefit rider is not.

If you have clients facing a chronic illness, medical expenses, or other financial hardships, a life settlement can make a meaningful difference in their lives.  Sharing this testimonial video with prospects and their advisors is a powerful way to demonstrate the value of a life settlement to them.

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