Life Settlement

Why Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

Do you have a life insurance policy with high premiums? Do you have more important things you could be doing with the money that goes to those premiums? Most policyholders have been told the only things you can do to terminate an old life insurance policy is to stop paying the premiums and let it lapse, or surrender it back to the issuing company for a settlement that the company gets to determine. This is not true.

You can get a substantial cash settlement on your old policy through a Life Insurance Settlement. If your policy no longer serves your needs, perhaps your family or personal situation has changed over time or you simply can’t continue paying expensive monthly premiums, this is a procedure that can get you the fair, cash payout that you deserve.

Life Insurance Settlements, Inc. has helped thousands of policyholders like you to get generous cash settlements for their unneeded life insurance policies — just when they needed it most.

How Does a Life Insurance Settlement Work?

Rather than expecting you to accept whatever settlement is offered to you, a Life Settlement lets you become a more effective part of the process. Your policy is put up for bids and the successful bidder becomes beneficiary of your policy in return for a profitable settlement that you can use to address any need you have. As a more active participant in your financial planning, you get a higher return from this investment you’ve been making for much of your life.

The process is not only completely legal, but it’s a highly-regulated procedure in most states. It won’t upset your tax estimates, as you’re only taxed on the part of the settlement that could be considered profit. At Life Insurance Settlements, Inc., we take your financial wellbeing to be our principal fiduciary duty. We work hard to obtain the best cash settlement the market can offer you.

Do I Qualify For a Life Settlement?

Let your financial advisor know you wish to pursue a Life Settlement for your existing life insurance policy. This is best done by teaming with a partner who is experienced in this process. Life Insurance Settlements, Inc. can help your advisor help you to a more fulfilling future by obtaining a fair return for the life insurance premiums you’ve been paying all these years. We’ll provide you with a non-binding appraisal, free of charge or obligation, so you can see the true monetary value of your existing life insurance policy. A Life Settlement is the best way to put an old, unneeded, financially draining life insurance policy to work for you.

Tell your financial advisor to speak with the life insurance professionals at Life Insurance Settlements, Inc. today.

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