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Experienced Life Settlement Brokers

What is a Life Settlement Broker?

A life settlement broker is a state-licensed professional whose position is to represent life insurance policyholders throughout the life settlement industry. On average, life settlement brokers are regulated by the Department of Insurance throughout each specific state. While Life Settlement Broker works diligently to represent life insurance policyholders and act on their behalf to negotiate the best offer for the sale of their policy, they, in fact, do not represent life settlement providers.

Their work is solely dedicated to helping individuals whose life insurance policy no longer fits their needs or is too expensive to keep. At Life Insurance Settlements, INC., we have helped thousands of families and individuals qualify for a life settlement to replace their no longer needed life insurance policy. With years of experience within the industry and a team of seasoned professionals, Life Insurance Settlements, INC. can help you find the right buyer for your policy for the best price possible.

How can Life Insurance Settlements INC. help you?

At Life Insurance Settlements INC., our team of life settlement brokers helps our clients recover wealth that may be trapped in unused or unneeded life insurance policies. Our life settlement brokers assist individuals in finding value in their old policies. In the past, life insurance policyholders had one of two options, let the policy lapse or surrender for a cash value. However, Life settlements–through the help of life settlement brokers–provide individuals with a viable third option: sell their life insurance policy to a broker.

By partnering with our talented team of brokers for a life settlement, we will acquire the highest offer for your policy by tapping into our vast network of state-licensed financial institutions.

At Life Insurance Settlements Inc. we partner with:

  • Life settlement agents
  • Financial planners
  • Estate planners from all over the country.

Our team of professionals gives customers and even our brokers the support and education they need in order to maximize every life settlement opportunity that is presented to them.