Life insurance can provide maximum benefits at a low cost, making them attractive – especially for young individuals and new families who have no health issues. But when premium costs increase, it may be harder to pay into your life insurance which is when you should consider life insurance settlements. As policy holders get older, life insurance premiums inevitably increase.

How Life Settlements Work

Life settlement companies such as us at Life Insurance Settlements Inc., purchase life insurance policies to third parties for a greater value than the policy’s worth but less than its face value

The owner of the policy profits through acquiring cash by virtue of life settlements and granted all forthcoming premium defrayals as well as death benefits.

How a Life Insurance Settlement Can Benefit You

  1. Life insurance settlements will help you obtain cash in exchange for your life insurance policies which in some cases are no longer required on your end for various reasons.
  2. Premiums tend to go up every time a life insurance policy is renewed and this can get very expensive over time. When it doesn’t make financial sense anymore, a life settlement becomes a viable option.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Life insurance Settlement

  • In some instances policies are no longer needed, especially for retirees: premiums are high and it simply isn’t worth it for seniors.
  • Life settlements are the best method to achieve top value from your life insurance policy and are a great way to yield cash from nonessential life insurance polices – it is a lucrative alternative to letting a policy simply expire or lapse
  • Retirees can cash in after retirement and pay off an outstanding mortgage, freeing them from added expense and instead, supplementing their retirement.

78 million baby boomers in America are reaching retirement retirement and many of their pensions are simply not adequate to fund their retirement.

Help Finance Your Golden Years and Consider Life Settlements

Sometimes in life unexpected expenses arise and having cash on hand to deal with things can avoid a lot of stress.

Selling your your life insurance policy for a life settlement gives you cash that can be useful for:

  • Pay off outstanding debt
  • Assist with medical bills.
  • Fund assisted living expenses.
  • Provide financial support to children, grand children, or other relatives.

Your needs may vary but a obtaining a life settlement through Life Insurance Settlements Inc. can give yourself financial freedom to do whatever it is you choose.

Find out if you qualify for a life settlement by calling us at 1-866-326-5433 and speak with one of our life settlement brokers today.

wizard_ishAugust 24, 2020