​​In each case example below the referring agent was paid a commission upon completion of the life settlement.


525k Lincoln life insurance policy UL

  • ​​74 yr old man in good health.  This gentleman could no longer afford his coverage  He was going to let his policy lapse and receive nothing from the insurance carrier.
  • ​​Seller received $45,000.


2 million Prudential Universal Life Policy

  • ​Convertible term policy.
  • ​​59 yr old woman with a history of lung cancer
  • This client made the financial decision that converting the policy and paying expensive premiums at this stage in her life was not what she wanted to do.  She needed money for quality care and wanted to have the opportunity to enjoy the time that she has left with her family.
  • ​​She received a settlement of $1,390,000


300k ING UL

  • ​​Premiums are $22,500 per year
  • ​​88 yr old
  • ​​Policy lapsing cannot justify premium payments anymore
  • ​​Seller received 15k


2m Survivorship policy on 87 & 88 year olds.

  • ​​Client no longer needed or could afford the coverage.  Their plan was to surrender the policy. Life Insurance Settlements Inc was able to secure a settlement for $240,000.


2m Universal Life policy

  • ​​Insured is a 75 year old male
  • A career financial advisor, he had shopped his policy two other brokers with no success and then turned to LIS.  We were able to match his policy with a new fund, generating an offer of $238,543.00, and most importantly closing the deal before he had to pay another premium.